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About Me...

I am free to travel and relocate for the right opportunity.


I like to play golf and guitar, have been doing both for over 30 years and still suck at both.  It's relaxing, gives me time to think and destress from life's events.


I enjoy problem solving and have done both as an individual and as part of, or leader of a team.  Both are equally rewarding comparable to completing the Sunday Times Crossword puzzle or helping friends and family.


The most rewarding parts of my professional career are the people I've come to know, to call friends and colleagues and what I have learned from them.


Compensation is a small factor of why we work.  What we do, who we work for, and who we work with is what makes us get up in the morning, burn the midnight oil, go the extra mile (add your cliche here), etc.


I have been honored by meeting people of great integrity, work ethic, caring for others, extraordinary business vision and the ability to articulate it.


I am a great listener, which helps assess differing points of view, peoples' motivations, whether they are people of integrity or not, whether their positions are original or regurgitations of others' ideas and whether they are confident in what they are proposing.


I believe in leadership by example.


The most sucessful businesses are based in relentless customer service, employing the best people possible and allowing them the freedom to do their jobs.


Age is  just a number, like fine wine...


I am an original Yuppie, the first of a generation of hard working baby boomers not worried about the draft.


The best compliment I can give or receive is to be known as genuine.













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